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Art & Craft

At G.D. Goenka Public School Education process comprises of Academic and Activities. Art & Craft is a delightful way to express the innermost feelings of our students. The visual landscape gets filled with the various colours of joy,hope, apprehension and anxiety. The students are trained to use a variety of medium like water colors, oil pastels and other interesting medium like crayon shavings, acrylic beads,glass pieces, sequins and baubles.Over the years, the Goenka becomes adept at expressing himself/ herself through the use of the material given to him/ her. On various occasions and festivals, the school premises are decorated aptly to the occasion with appropriate quotations and colourful display boards. The Annual Art Exhibition is a unique opportunity to showcase the abundant talent and potential of our students.Various Inter- School competitions provide a platform for creative competition and the Goenkans have given a noteworthy account of themselves on such occasions.