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World Class Boarding School

GD.GOENKA is a best boarding school in Gorakhpur and offers Hostel facilities to the students of class I – XII. Those who seek air conditioned accommodation with all basic amenities first apply for admission to the school and then for hostel. The boarding at Gorakhpur campus is shared by both boys and girls of different age groups in their respective wings making it multi cultured rendezvous for academic, cultural and sports activities. It hails children from different parts of India and abroad to Gorakhpur, providing them with everything that caters to the genuine needs for a synchronous growth of their body, mind and soul. Besides instilling moral virtues in the growing kids, there is an emphatic exposure to situations that promote cooperation, togetherness & mental toughness. The hassle-free accommodation along with a well-designed curriculum makes it THE SECOND HOME for the aspiring youth.

The daily chores in the hostels at GD.GOENKA are an amalgamation of activities that aims at a holistic development of boarders. The day breaks with exercises and drills that coordinate physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of children. Thus, awakened sensibilities pave the way to a most productive day at school. Meticulously laid schedules for different games and sports, cultural activities and supervised study hours make it a cherished avenue for an eventful life. They get nutritious meals at fixed times. Evening classes in recreational disciplines like music, dance, yoga, arts and crafts, etc. are eagerly waited for by all and sundry.