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Music & Dance

Schooling at G.D. Goenka Public School goes beyond classrooms into the wider creative world outside. Apart from a keen focus on academics, various creative activities are taught that engage the mental and intellectual faculties of our students.Indian and Western Music, both vocal and instrumental are offered to our students. While vocal music offers a wide creative landscape for students to Paint their feeling and emotions, instrumental music strengthens their feelings and also improve coordination of the mind and body. Memory is enhanced as songs and notations are learnt. Various festivals and celebrations take on new meanings as songs pertaining to a particular festival are taught and perform in special morning assemblies. While popular songs and melodies are taught to increase student interest. classical training in music is also imparted and it has been observed that should respond very favourably to classical training.The life histories of famous musicians are discussed in the class and the students gain inspiration and encouragement from biographies of these renowned personalities. Festivals and presentations held from time to time in the school are occasions to showcase budding talent in the school.The student also regularly take part in several Inter School events and have done the school proud by winning many of such events. Undoubtedly the pursuit of such creative activities adds another meaningful dimension to school life.