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At G.D. Goenka Public School, Sports training is imparted to the students in order to inculcate in them a feeling of sportsman spirit, team Spirit self-discipline and spirit of general well being. Every student participate in a sports activity of his/ her choice. A well-defined syllabus for each sports of their choice enables them to pursue with interest, the game of their liking.
A competitive spirit couple with self discipline and sound health, form the motto of our Sports Activities.Inter class, inter house and inter school competitions are organised on regular basis to inculcate healthy competitive spirit. Sports events like athletics, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, table tennis,Taekwondo, football, cricket,skating, swimming form an integral part of the sports curriculum of the school,. Inter house championships help to generate camaraderie between students, a sense of competitiveness, brotherhood, discipline, positive attitude and very importantly, the fact that losing is a significant as winning.
Inter School events are powerful instruments of exposure for students at individual and team level in different stages.